McCahill Painting Company is a trusted and established resource for asset preservation, aesthetic maintenance, and restoration. Whether you wish to paint the exterior of your 40-story building or an interior hallway, you can be sure that McCahill Painting Company is your total restoration solution. We will always stand by our commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction.

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Testimonials about McCahill Painting

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McCahill Painting has given us great service over the last 20 years. They have done many jobs for us, from large to small.  They have painted the exterior windows on our 7 story building several times, power-washed and chemically cleaned exterior brick, painted and wallpapered our main lobby, and even painted our surgical and delivery room levels.

Their response and turnaround time is great.  I would and have recommended McCahill to our other facilities, as well as other people we do business with.

Tim Wightman

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

I wanted to write to you and express my extreme gratitude for the exceptionally professional paint job your company performed within our new warehouse facility. Every aspect of the work performed by McCahill was beyond my expectations. Your proposal with pictures was quite impressive and thorough. Mike and Don were true professionals – on time everyday, performing so well that they completed the project one day in advance!

I greatly appreciate the professionalism we experienced using McCahill Painting Company. We look forward to working with your firm again in the future.

David M. Pollock

David Michael Productions

I just wanted to advise you of the excellent service we received from your painters during our office renovation project.

They were all very pleasant to deal with throughout the project. They were very helpful, patient, conscientious, and professional at all times.

You are very fortunate to have such terrific employees and we were grateful to have them assigned to our project!

Patricia M. Martorelli

Air Canada

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