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Graffiti Removal Chicago Since 1978

chicagoland graffiti removal Chicagoland Graffiti Removal is a Chicago-based organization that specializes in the removal of unsightly graffiti from almost any surface. We use the most advanced equipment and restoration processes available in the industry.  Our methods, combining environmentally-safe cleaners and 250 degree hot water, are safe and extremely effective. Chicagoland Graffiti Removal provides long-term solutions for your graffiti-related needs. We are your solution experts to graffiti removal and power washing!

Graffiti Removal Chicago can also implement surface treatmentsbarrier coating systems, and other processes that can protect vulnerable surfaces from future vandalism. These can act both as preventive and corrective treatments if graffiti strikes your property. It is our primary goal to preserve your assets! It is our secondary goal to make your assets aesthetically pleasing!




Chicagoland Graffiti Removal is a branch of McCahill Painting Company, founded in 1978. We provide expert interior and exterior cleaning, painting and restoration services to the Chicago, Illinois (Chicagoland) and Northwest Indiana areas. We are specialized commercial painters, industrial painters and institutional painters. Industrial cleaning, painting and restoration projects are among our core competencies.

We have extensive experience cleaning and restoring surfaces such as brick, limestone, masonry, aluminum, glass, and plastic. Our combined services are your total restoration solution. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you! We look forward to hearing from you!