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Versatility of McCahill Painting Vapor Blasting Equipment

McCahill Painting Company is proud of its state-of-the-art vapor blasting equipment! Mobile and powerful, our gear can be used for a variety of projects. This video showcases two different uses: stripping metal and removing paint lines from a parking lot. These are...

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Minimizing Graffiti Recurrences

Graffiti is an unfortunate problem that some property owners have faced at one time or another. After one occurrence of graffiti on property, no owner wants to experience this problem again. Recent trends have indicated that timeliness of removing graffiti is a strong...

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A Brief History of Early Sandblasting

Sandblasting has a longer history than you might expect. The absolute furthest it can be traced back is 1870, when Benjamin Tilghman invented a machine for paint and rust removal. Of course, this was primitive and rudimentary, but it set the framework for future...

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Differentiating Sandblasting and Sodablasting

Sandblasting and Sodablasting Services in Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana In addition to the revolutionary, green method of vapor blasting that McCahill Painting offers its clients, there are two classic methods that may also be the most suitable option for many...

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The Green Factor of Vapor Blasting

Although the popularity of sandblasting is known, the positive environmental effects of vapor blasting are still being uncovered and gaining acceptance by the mainstream. As the importance of becoming greener is increasing, vapor blasting may be the more suitable...

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Sand Blasting Metal – Asset Preservation in Chicago, IL

We all know the importance of proper surface preparation. There is no better surface preparation than sandblasting all of the old paint, rust or other contamination off the metal. Very importantly, in addition to cleaning the metal extremely well, sandblasting metal...

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Importance of Cleaning Metal Silos

Cleaning metal silos, storage tanks or other equipment is important for the simple reason that the contamination on the existing paint film actually starts the degradation/corrosion process of the metal. If the metal is left uncleaned, eventually, but sooner than...

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Steps for Painting a Factory Finish Metal Facade

Painting a factory finish metal facade is a sensitive painting application. Since you're starting with an existing coating that has excellent adhesion qualities, when you're complete, the paint system you applied must also have great adhesion qualities. Asset...

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How to Remove Paint from Brick

The brick on this commercial building was improperly applied and had marginal adhesion. The only way to correct this shoddy application is to remove the paint and start over. Using 250° hot water, 4000 psi and a Roto tip combination you can see the paint is easily...

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