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Benefits of Electrostatic Painting of Metal Equipment

The electrostatic painting of metal equipment is a unique application process. The paint is chemically manufactured to be sprayed using a specialized electrostatic gun, the piece of metal being painting is grounded and when the paint is being sprayed it is...

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Importance of Structural Steel Painting

Painting structural steel beams is an asset-preservation based project. The importance of these beams cannot be overstated, as they ensure the overall structural integrity of any given building. As steel begins to corrode, it thins and gradually loses strength....

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How to Repair Drywall

In every type of building, be it an office, hospital, church, etc., walls need to be painted. Today, the majority of walls in these buildings are drywall. If you want to paint drywall though, the drywall must be prepared first. As with any painting project, the...

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Graffiti Barrier Coating System

Graffiti barrier coating systems serve so many purposes. Most importantly, graffiti barrier coating systems, a five coat clear, spray applied graffiti barrier coating system, will not let graffiti penetrate into the substrate. The dense, slick graffiti barrier coating...

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Clay Tile Roof Powerwashing

Clay tile roofs are subjected to all kinds of both atmospheric and biological contamination. Besides being unsightly, the contamination won't allow the clay tiles to breathe properly. The contamination starts the degradation process. McCahill Painting Company uses...

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Industrial Equipment Cleaning

Contamination of any kind (oil, grease, diesel residue, biological, atmospheric, etc.) left sitting on any industrial equipment metal surface will start the corrosion process. It is also unsightly. This is not what the owner wants. McCahill Painting Company uses 250°...

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