Painting Capabilities

Painting Capabilities in Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana

McCahill Painting Company’s capabilities include anything from elevated work platforms to surface preparation to painting to coatings to specialty services. Please look on this page for a brief snapshot of what we offer.

Elevated Work Platforms

McCahill Painting Company is educated, experienced, and equipped for working with swing stages, aerial lifts, and temporary tower scaffolding. There is no structure or substrate we can’t access! Whether your building is forty stories high, has a pedestrian bridge over a retention pond, or the ceiling protecting very important manufacturing equipment needs work, McCahill Painting Company can engineer the proper aerial system to safely handle it.

A swing-stage is an elevated work platform that is supported by suspension lines. Swing stages are used primarily on high-rise buildings. Safety beams and canter weights are used to suspend our scaffold from the roof, and the platform is then raised and lowered with automatic hoisting equipment. We require our technicians to be trained and licensed in this capacity long before the City of Chicago required such certification by law. This method is extremely safe for the painters, as well as the integrity of structure.

Aerial lifts may have articulated swing arms, telescoping elevation devices, and movable bases. These options on aerial lifts enable technicians to reach nearly any part of a building. When positioning the lifts, we lay down a (1″) one-inch thick plywood path to protect any landscaping from the weight of the equipment.

Certain situations do not allow aerial lifts for elevated work. This may be because aerial lists would obstruct or create architectural inaccessibility. For these situations, we can also erect temporary tower scaffolding structures. These structures are installed for large indoor and outdoor projects where. We require an OSHA-certified foreman to be present for this type of work.

Safety and OSHA compliance are of paramount concern to McCahill Painting Company. All our painters are trained and certified in proper maintenance and operation of elevated work platforms. Please feel free to contact our office to request a copy of the certification for any of our painters dedicated to your project.

Surface Preparation

The most important aspect of any coating project is properly preparing the surface prior to beginning. Different methods for us to prepare the surface include:

  • Power Washing: With environmentally safe chemical treatments, this removes dirt, atmospheric contaminants, manufacturing contaminants, loose paint, rust, and graffiti. Please visit our power washing section to learn more.
  • Power Tools: Sanding disks, needle guns, and rotopeening machines are some common tools used.
  • Hand Tools: Scrapers, sandpaper, and wire brushes are some common tools used.
  • Blasting methods: This is another way to remove surface contaminants, through vapor, sand or baking soda. Please visit our blasting section to learn more.
  • Waterjetting: This method cuts into surfaces to create smoother feels, for chemical bonds to occur more easily when paint is applied.


To provide our highest quality of work, we take extra steps to ensure that our spray-application equipment is properly maintained. Our painters are well trained and have a great amount of experience. They are experts with the following spray application equipment:

  • Conventional Air Sprayers
  • Airless Sprayers
  • Air-Assisted Airless Sprayers
  • Electrostatic Spray Paint
  • Plural Component Spray Equipment
  • HVLP (High Volume / Low Pressure) equipment

After our professional preparation, especially on exterior jobs, we ensure all necessary conditions for applying coatings are met. We follow the paint manufacturer’s specifications such as:

  • Air Temperature: The air cannot be too cold or too hot, although latex now has paint that can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F.
  • Surface Temperatures: Similarly, the surface of that which is being painted must not be too hot nor too cold.
  • Humidity: We consider the amount of moisture in the air so that this does not interfere with a project.
  • Dew Point: When the air has too much water in it, this can also complicate the project.
  • Wind: Overspray is always a concern, even when using roller applications. To ensure a professional paint job, we sometimes have to delay a job until winds decrease.

While applying the paint, our experienced painters are constantly monitoring the above-mentioned weather-related conditions. More important than monitoring the weather, our painters must ensure that the paint is applied at the proper film thickness. Our painters are equipped with wet film gauges, and take regular readings to ensure the paint is being applied at the manufacturer’s specified film thickness. Too thin of a film provides very little protection. On the other hand, film that is too thick can cause problems including cracking.


Whether concrete, metal or drywall, different substrates require proper coating systems. Using the proper coating system is critical to the lifespan of the paint. The environment that the substrate is in (interior, exterior, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, chemical plants and so forth) is also considered when selecting a coating. Types of coatings we regularly use include:

  • Latex Paints (including Acrylic Elastomerics)
  • Alkyds or Oil Base Paints
  • Epoxies (including Epoxymastics)
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polyureas
  • Zinc-Rich Coatings

Many paint jobs still require us to use the traditional paintbrush and roller method. We assure you that we always use the appropriate  high-quality roller sleeves (mohair, ½ inch, ¾ inch, all the way up to 1 ¼ inch sleeves), depending on the particular type of paint being applied.

Specialty Services

  • Repaint work in commercial, manufacturing, institutional & industrial facilities
  • Spray applications
  • Wallcovering (removal, repair and installation)
  • Polomyx and Zolatone Applications (Multi-Spec Coatings)
  • Swing Stage Work
  • Water sealing of concrete buildings and structures
  • Plant holiday shutdown painting projects
  • Power Washing: Restorative Work
  • High-Rise Work: Cleaning & Painting


Please see the images below for an idea of what we can do!



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