Floor Painting

Floor Painting in Chicago, Chicagoland, and Northern Illinois

McCahill Painting is a painting contractor that is happy to perform floor painting services. The most popular floor types we have improved have included garages, basements, commercial and industrial floors, and concrete floors in all environments. Even more specifically, we have satisfied clients by painting floors in warehouses, retail stores and showrooms, food processing plants, kitchens and restaurants, as well as hygienic areas. No project is too small, too large, or beyond our realm of expertise!

With fresh epoxy paint coatings, an unattractive floor can be truly transformed for a significant, positive difference! Previous floor painting projects have made floors look brand new, becoming the focal point of the rooms. For a polished, professional look, our previous projects have included solid colors throughout, as well as gradient varieties for a stylish look. Our skilled staff has also completed projects that involved exquisite and custom designs from our clients’ specifications. The variety of floor staining options does not stop at epoxy as the only coating available. It would be best to get in touch with us directly so that we could discuss your project in specific detail.

If your floor was previously painted and is at a poor aesthetic stage, we would love the opportunity to help! In this situation, you may also consider vapor blasting to restore the floor surface to its original composition. For example, a concrete floor with chipping paint throughout would be vapor blasted so that all the paint contaminants are completely removed, leaving the floor how it appeared prior to any painting. This singular option may be an alternative to repainting the floor.

The aesthetic advantages of maintaining a great appearance of your organization is quite clear, but there are further perks that go beyond the cosmetic improvements.

Other benefits of redoing a floor are as follows:

  • Resistance from a variety of materials (oil, chemicals, salt, skids, etc.)
  • Non-slip surfaces for employee safety
  • Easy cleaning of painted floor
  • Cosmetic improvement of workspace


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