Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing in Chicago, Chicagoland, and Northern Illinois

We are a professional commercial pressure washing cleaning company. We understand how important your business is. Our staff understands how to properly handle our equipment and conduct themselves within a working environment.

We are experts in protecting your staff, customers, and the general public. We own our own movable pedestrian canopies. We are very experienced in protecting adjacent surfaces, buildings, cars, and so forth. We also have the capability to obtain City of Chicago permits on short notice to complete a commercial cleaning project safely and legally.

We have skilled painters who are able to work first, second, or third shift to minimize disruption in your Chicagoland facility. If necessary, our painters will power wash only a section of your assets at once, in a careful, efficient, safe, and professional manner.

Our employees are all trained and certified in operating aerial lifts and swing stages. Our company’s number one goal is keeping your staff, customers and our cleaning specialists safe throughout the restoration process. Chicagoland Pressure Washing strictly abides by all OSHA and EPA regulated standards.

Chicagoland Power Washing and Building Restoration can handle commercial jobs of all sizes. Whether it’s your single store front brick facade, a shopping center, or a 40 story downtown high rise building, we are your total restoration solution.

Some of our specific commercial services:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Stadium cleaning
  • High-rise cleaning
  • Condominium Complexes

In this image, we are removing efflorescence from the Adventist Hinsdale Hospital Sky Bridge. We use 250 degree hot water, a far superior method than washing with cold water.


We have several commercial accounts for whom we travel across the Midwest on a monthly basis. Our portfolio of services includes cleaning exterior concrete facades as well as the trash compactor areas, gas stations pads and canopies, grease pits, and so forth.

In the photo below, one of our cleaning technicians is using a Hydro Twister Rotary concrete cleaner. The Hydro Twister is a flat surface cleaner that connects to a pressure washer and uses two nozzles rotating at high RPM within an inch of ground. It will clean concrete up to ten times faster than a standard wand, with more consistency and less operator fatigue and water. This new technology allows for washing projects to be completed more quickly and more efficiently.


Below is an example of the difference our chemicals and machines can make in your truck bay, compactor areas, gas stations, and grease pits. We have the capability to filter and recycle the water to abide by all EPA regulations and standards.

mp-510-commercial-3 mp-510-commercial-4


Please contact us today to discuss your project! We would be happy to make you a future satisfied customer!