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Our Company Blog Benefits of Electrostatic Painting of Metal Equipment

Benefits of Electrostatic Painting of Metal Equipment

The electrostatic painting of metal equipment is a unique application process. The paint is chemically manufactured to be sprayed using a specialized electrostatic gun, the piece of metal being painting is grounded and when the paint is being sprayed it is pulled/drawn to the piece of metal your painting.

As with any painting project, the most important part of the work is preparation. Since this was existing equipment in a manufacturing plant with lots of oil contamination we power washed equipment using 250° hot water removing all oil residue or other contamination. Even though we are electrostatically spraying we still need to mask off items on the metal carts that we do not want to paint such as the wheels.

Now it’s time to sand the metal removing any contaminants/loose paint, etc. We are also sanding to create a surface profile for the new paint to adhere to. After that, we dust down and the solvent cleaned the metal getting it ready to be electrostatically sprayed. At this point the preparation process is complete.

The benefits of electrostatic painting is up to 98% of the sprayed material going directly to the metal surface being painted, making it very efficient with minimum overspray. The electrostatic painting also creates a very smooth factory finish on the metal being painted, it looks great.

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