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Frequently Asked Questions

At McCahill Painting, the safety of our employees, your staff, and your property is our highest priority. A firm commitment to safety is a non-negotiable requirement of our team members, and we equip our crew with the best training and resources possible to support a safety culture, preventative thinking, preparation for emergencies, and incident-free work.

We employ a rigorous ongoing safety training program and regularly update our equipment and gear as part of our commitment to prioritize, teach, and apply safe work practices on all McCahill Painting jobs. We are an ISNetworld Member Contractor, underscoring our commitment to safety, training and sound business practices, and we have successfully completed the extremely rigorous ISNetworld Review and Verification Services (RAVS) PLUS Safety Audit.

Maintaining an impeccable safety record over more than four decades in commercial and industrial painting has instilled deep confidence in our customers who know a McCahill Painting crew is a safe crew. Learn more about our safety program

McCahill Painting has successfully completed thousands of projects for industrial and commercial customers across a wide range of industries and environments. We serve customers in Chicagoland, northern Ilinois, southeast Wisconsin, northwest Indiana, and southwest Michigan. To learn more about our customer base, check out our Solutions by Industry Sector and Areas Served pages.
We hire experienced, professional painters and not temporary workers or subcontractors. Our talented and hardworking crew members are dedicated to their craft, consistently exceeding customer expectations by performing outstanding work and maintaining a safe and professional work environment. Our crew leaders oversee each project to ensure our high standards are met from start to finish, and we equip all crew members with ongoing training and development.
We do our best to accommodate fast response times - please call our office ASAP and we will do our best to help. We also offer flexible scheduling and can work evenings, weekends, and holidays to accomodate our customers' individual scheduling needs. 
We do not charge a fee for proposals, and our customers tell us our clear and comprehensive proposals set us apart from the competition. We take the time to fully understand your project and document exactly what we recommend and how we’re going to do it. We may give you a ballpark on the spot, but we’ll always follow up with a comprehensive and detailed proposal so you’re not left wondering whether we’re on the same page or if there will be any surprises with your project.
McCahill Painting respects that our customers often need to keep their business operating while we work. We offer very flexible scheduling and can work evenings, weekends, and holidays to accomodate scheduling around business closures or slower periods. We also use innovative equipment and products to ensure minimal dust and odor, and our professional crew members are experienced working safely in busy environments among employees, visitors, and obstacles.

Yes! Our advanced power washing drones can tackle jobs up to 12 stories high, empowering customers across all industries to power wash elevated and large-scale structures that were impossible or very costly to address with traditional methods. Our advanced power washing drones deliver a full range of solutions to remove dirt, grease, biological and environmental contamination, peeling paint, corrosion, graffiti, and more. Our full drone capabilities include power washing up to 4,000 PSI, soft wash, roto tip, graffiti removal, touchless window cleaning, and de-icing. Learn more.

While there are some limitaions, many modern paints and coatings can be applied in fall and winter air temperatures. Contact us for a free consultation to determine whether your project is a fit for the colder season, and to discuss the best products and methods to use to ensure excellent results despite the dropping temps.
We can tackle your power washing needs, no water source required! All of our moblie power washing units have large capacity water storage tanks and operate independently of an outside water source, allowing us to power wash anywhere. We also have washers with generators that do not require an outside power source.
McCahill Painting has perfected our method of using 250-degree hot water to power wash a wide array of surfaces with excellent results, often without the need for additional cleaning agents. We are also careful to manage water use and runoff safely and responsibly. Using a vacuum recovery and filtration unit along with our mobile washer skid creates a self-contained wash, recover, and recycle system that protects the environment from wash water runoff and complies with governmental storm drain regulations and other standards. Learn more about our industry-leading power washing capabilities. 
Are you looking to power wash surfaces over 8feet high? Check out our power washing drone solutions
McCahill Painting offers professional hot water power washing, which we've found to be the absolute best formula for removing even the most stubborn contaminants to prepare surfaces for painting. To learn more, check out our Surface Preparation and Power Washing pages.

Absolutely! With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we’ve tackled nearly every substrate and have a well-developed understanding of what products and techniques work best for each material to ensure attractive, long-lasting results. We are experienced at painting and restoring substrates including precast concrete, structural steel, metal, brick, stone, wood, drywall, cinderblock, stucco, IPE decking, Koroseal wallcoverings, and more.

We can help you achieve a professional appearance from top to bottom by expertly painting your core structure and any adjacent features like railings, beams, overhead doors, floors, dock areas, and architectural details. We have experience restoring artwork and sculpture installations as well!

Yes! Our power washing drones are the perfect solution for water towers and other tall and hard to access structures (up to 12 stories high!). Our autonomous power drones deliver our proven hot water power washing formula at a fraction of the cost and time it would require using traditional power washing methods on such a large structure. Learn more here.

Yes! McCahill Painting provides above-grade waterproofing and sealing services to stop and prevent water infiltration that can lead to leaks, mold, mildew and decay of the substrate. Our professional-grade sealing products keep water out while still allowing brick and stone to breathe and moisture to escape. 

When water is absorbed through exterior masonry, it can seep through to the interior of the building leading to leaks, mold, and mildew. On the exterior, water absorption promotes unsightly biological growth that can decay the surface material and tuckpointing.

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McCahill Painting is an ISNetworld Member Contractor, underscoring our commitment to safety, training and sound business practices.