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Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Painting Services

Professional painting contractor serving Chicagoland, northern Illinois, northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin

Painting contractors are business entities that provide painting services for industrial, commercial, and institutional entities. We are happy to focus on these types of projects! McCahill Painting is not a residential painting contractor. 

Industrial Painting ContractorsIndustrial painting contractors paint bridges, waste water treatment facilities, nuclear plants, petro-chemical plants, U.S. Navy vessels and similar equipment. As these assets are incredibly important, industrial painters incorporate large compressors, sandblasting, spraying two-component epoxies and urethanes, among others. Additionally, industrial painting contractors have strict rules by which they must abide, as set by OSHA, the EPA and others. Although this type of painting is the most dangerous and most difficult, McCahill Painting is up for the project and excited to use our expertise to make a positive difference in your assets!

Commercial/Institutional Painting ContractorsCommercial and institutional contractors paint office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, places of worship, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities and so forth. Commercial painters use specialized equipment such as swing stages and elevated lifts to paint exteriors of a precast or high-rise building. Commercial and institutional painters often have different, specialized skills that residential painters do not have. As a commercial/institutional painting contractor, we at McCahill Painting take pride and a priority in protecting people, residents, students, the environment and the property during all of our projects!

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