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Frequently Asked Questions

Painting & Vapor Blasting Contractor in Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana
Here are many of your painting and vapor blasting questions answered by McCahill Painting Company!
What types of customers have you completed projects for?
McCahill Painting Company services commercial, industrial and institutional properties throughout the Chicago and NW Indiana areas. Our customer base includes, but is not limited to, property managers, hospitals and medical facilities, private schools, corporations and manufacturers. No job is too large or too small for our painters.
I want a painter with experience. What are your qualifications?
McCahill Painting Company has been safely and successfully serving the Chicagoland areas for over 25 years. Our company only employs experienced, full time painters – no temporary workers or part-timers. A crew leader heads up every project and each employee is continually undergoing training for professional skills and safety.
I have an emergency project. How soon can you get here?
While we prefer to have some advance notice to prepare, if you have an emergency, rest assured that we can be there when you need us.
How much will it cost my company for an estimate?
There is never any charge for a proposal, no matter how small or large your project may be. Property managers, Facility managers, and property owners, keep in mind that we are more than happy to provide facility inspection services and/or submit your requested budgetary figures.
I need to repaint my office, but I cannot disrupt my business. What can I do?
McCahill Painting Company will work around your schedule. We can complete your project on the 2nd shift, 3rd shift, weekends or even holidays for minimal disturbance to your operation.
Even though it is late in the fall season, can I still successfully do an exterior painting project?
Yes, today’s latex house paints can be applied in air temperatures as low as 35ºF and many industrial coatings can be applied in as low as 20ºF.
The front of my shopping center is dirty with a large amount of atmospheric containments and the problem is we have no accessible water. What can we do?
McCahill Painting will provide one of our trailer mounted power washers equipped with a 520-gallon water storage tank. We can use hot water at 33,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) and inject a cleaning chemical if necessary.
I want to paint my plant walls except they are extremely dirty with manufacturing contaminants. Do I need to find a cleaning contractor?
McCahill Painting Company is very experienced in pressure washing (many references available). In fact, we actually prefer to provide your professional cleaning services so that we can take full responsibility for the project, resulting in a higher quality paint job.