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Floor Painting Experts

Our experienced floor repair and coating teams are equipped to take on many different types of flooring projects in your facility! We understand that concrete floors are often difficult to clean and maintain. Fortunately, our experts are fully equipped to brighten up your floor with an epoxy or urethane coating. We specialize in manufacturing facilities and industrial workplaces. Our diverse client experiences allow us to properly tailor our work to suit your project needs.

Floor striping is one of our specialties. We own a top-of-the-line machine for this application. We have successfully completed several floor lining and striping projects. Refreshing or adding floor stripes is necessary for distribution centers, warehouses, and other facilities. For these interior projects, a great time to have these projects completed is during the winter season. Please see below for pics of recently coated floor stripes.

We are also skilled at sealing floors. Sealed floors have many remarkable benefits that will surely improve the general appearance of any work space. Sealed floors are much easier to clean and more durable against heavier foot traffic, therefore creating a better working environment for employees. Also, the reflective and clean appearance of a sealed floor is long lasting, especially since we commit ourselves to seeking out and using the highest quality products. Our services even extend to painting safety lines and stripes on floors, therefore helping to create a safer work environment within manufacturing and industrial facilities.

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McCahill Painting featured in CoatingsPro

We at McCahill Painting are happy to be featured in the national trade magazine CoatingsPro! The article discusses a silo project that we completed last year. We hope you enjoy reading the article! To read the article: please click here or click on the image below.  

Steel Silo Cleaning Technical Aspects

We are happy to be featured in an article in the painting trade magazine CoatingsPro! This upcoming article will showcase our work on a large steel silo project. The technical aspects and product specifications will be discussed in great detail in this article. As soon as this article becomes live online, we will post the link for you to enjoy. We appreciate being included in this fine magazine. In the meantime, you can enjoy a compilation of some project footage that the magazine mashed together!
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Recommendation from Valued Sanitary Client

We are happy to share a new recommendation from one of our valued clients in the sanitary industry! McCahill Painting benefits from years of experience in this industry. We work tirelessly to perfect our industrial painting systems and always pursue the utmost customer satisfaction. Below you will see the testimonial, which is also on our home page, as well as some photos from a recent sanitary project.

“I have been with the Downers Grove Sanitary District for over 30 years. A large part of my job focuses on both maintaining and protecting our metal and concrete equipment for wastewater treatment. In all my experiences of dealing with industrial painting contractors, McCahill Painting has always provided excellent service. They work safely, on schedule, and follow our project specifications. Their work lasts, and I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Jeff Barta, Downers Grove Sanitary District


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Chlorine Tank Sandblasting Video

This video shows the effectiveness of industrial sandblasting. This chlorine tank is usually submerged, but was drained for this project. After preparing the project, the foreman sandblasts this tank prior to painting. This video shows the clear difference that sandblasting makes prior to coating!



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