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Case Study – DM Productions

Interior Rust Removal and Painting Project

If left unchecked, rust can destroy your metal substrates. When David Michael Productions saw their new warehouse facility beginning to rust away, they called the rust prevention and asset preservation experts at McCahill Painting Company.

Two elements are required to begin the chemical reaction that causes rust – water and oxygen. A few expertly applied coats of paint can safely seal your metal surfaces from the damage caused by this common chemical reaction.

The McCahill team began by laying out 2 mil visqueen and tarp to protect the warehouse floors. All metal surfaces were thoroughly cleaned and hand sanded with 120 grit sandpaper. This process ensures an even surface profile for the paint to adhere to. The surfaces are then wiped down with Xylene, to remove any possible contaminants from the initial cleaning.

Once the metal surfaces were cleaned, the team applied one finish coat of Benjamin Moore M22 Industrial Enamel to the upper columns and dock levelers. The doors and door frames were painted in a client-approved, two-tone scheme, consisting of white and Safety Yellow.

The client was extremely pleased with the end results. David Pollock, of David Michael Productions, said, “Every aspect of the work performed by McCahill was beyond my expectations,” and, “I greatly appreciate the professionalism we experienced using McCahill Painting Company.”

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