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Graffiti Removal Contractor

Graffiti removal experts serving Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin

McCahill Painting Company is skilled at safely and effectively removing graffiti from property and assets and applying graffiti barrier coating systems to protect our customers’ investments. We use the most advanced equipment and restoration processes in the industry, including our proven method of combining environmentally-safe cleaners with 250-degree hot water, to remove unsightly graffiti from nearly any surface while protecting the substrate.

We help customers address repeat graffiti by applying graffiti barrier coating systems and surface treatments to protect vulnerable surfaces from future vandalism. These systems act as both a preventive and corrective treatment by protecting surfaces and allowing for quick removal of subsequent graffiti to maintain a professional looking building.

Keep in mind the following for effective graffiti removal and deterrence: ​

Act fast

Removing graffiti right away has been proven to deter repeated graffiti tagging.

Don’t waste time or make the problem worse

Most products available to the consumer at hardware stores are ineffective and can actually push the graffiti further into the substrate. Use caution when attempting any DIY solutions.

Consult a professional

Graffiti is notoriously difficult to get out of porous masonries like concrete, limestone, and brick. The wrong cleaning method can damage walls or permanently lock in stains. Consult a professional like McCahill Painting Company to determine the best course of action to effectively remove graffiti while protecting your surfaces. ​

Graffiti is a crime–report it

Report graffiti to local law enforcement as soon as you find it and take before and after photos for documentation. Whenever possible, McCahill Painting Company is happy to supply before and after photos free of charge.

Contact us today for safe and effective graffiti removal to restore the professional appearance of your buildings and structures. We have flexible hours and do our best to accommodate fast response times.