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Graffiti Barrier Coatings and Outdoor Wall Protective Coating

Graffiti Barrier Coating Services in Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin

A graffiti barrier coating acts as a transparent, protective layer for porous masonry. Breathable barrier coatings keep graffiti on the surface, where cleaners can get to them. These coating systems are extremely helpful when dealing with repeated graffiti issues as they protect the surface from future vandalism and allow for easier cleaning should graffiti occur.

There are two types of graffiti barrier coatings: sacrificial and non-sacrificial. A sacrificial coating will protect the surface it is applied to, but it will wash away with the first few cleanings and will therefore need to be reapplied. A non-sacrificial coating can be treated with a compatible cleaning chemical, allowing it to maintain integrity for up to 12 cleanings before reapplication is necessary.

Graffiti Barrier Coating Products and Graffiti Surface Treatment Products We Use

DUMOND CPU 647 Graffiti Barrier Coating is a two component waterborne polyurethane, exhibiting superior abrasion and chemical resistance. As a clear or pigmented treatment, 647 is resistant to embrittlement and other environmental and weather related exposures. A two coat treatment of CPU 647 will enhance the appearance and extend the life of a variety of surfaces and provide ease of maintenance.

DUMOND CPU 647 is a ready to use and mix coating. Dry films based on this unique dispersion provide exceptional chemical and abrasive resistance, hardness and flexibility. CPU 647 provides the ultimate in surface protection against graffiti, harsh chemicals, solvents, chalking and severe environmental elements.

In addition to its unique chemistry, CPU 647 is formulated with DuPont Zonyl® Fluor Additive for extremely durable, long lasting films. DuPont Zonyl® attaches itself to the polyurethane portion of the product for improved beading and repellency properties – making maintenance and graffiti removal quicker and easier. DuPont Zonyl® Fluor Additive will continue to migrate to the surface of the coating for long term protection unlike wax additives that are quickly worn or washed away. (Zonyl is a registered trademark of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company.)

OKON Graffiti Barrier Coat (sacrificial coating)

Zinsser Graffiti Remover and StripperOKON® Graffiti Barrier Coat (GBC) is a water base, clear, low VOC coating that prevents aerosol paint and markers from penetrating and permanently staining a variety of architectural surfaces – concrete, brick, plaster, metal and paint. When used in combination with Zinsser Graffiti Remover and Stripper, spray paint and markers can be removed quickly and completely from surfaces protected with GBC.


GBC’s Features and Characteristics Include:

  • Prevents permanent stains caused by spray paints and markers
  • Protects painted and unpainted surfaces
  • Interior/Exterior – Water base – Low VOC – Non-yellowing
OKON Graffiti Barrier Coat™ is single-component, non-yellowing, acrylic micro-emulsion. It is a user friendly alternative to more expensive and dangerous two-component products. It appears milky-white when first applied but dries water-clear to a satin or gloss finish, depending on the texture of the substrate and number of coats applied.