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Electrostatic Painting Services

Electrostatic Painting in Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana

Electrostatic painting is a type of painting that is best suited for metal and metallic surfaces. What makes electrostatic painting metal more efficient than standard painting is the interaction of electronic charges. The metallic surface elicits a negative charge, while the paint elicits a positive charge due to added electricity. Because of the interaction between the negative charge on the metal and the positive charge on the paint, the chemical bond between the two is increased. This strong chemical bond allows for paint to be more adhesive to the surface and give more staying power.

Compared with standard painting, electrostatic painting has its differences. Electrostatic painting is mostly done through a spraying process. This process allows for electric to be added into the paint. As electricity is involved, the painting project becomes slightly noisier than a typical painting project. This can be considered a downside to the process. The benefits to electrostatic coatings are numerous, as seen below.

Benefits of electrostatic painting:

  • No overspraying
  • Longer time paint is kept on surface
  • Paint is more easily absorbed by adjacent areas
  • Paints remains unless aggressively attempted to remove

Examples of different uses:

  • Machinery
  • Elevators
  • Door frames
  • Filing cabinets
  • Many more metallic surfaces

We would be able to use one of our two Ransburg sprayers on your project. One of our models is traditional and used for high-volume work. Our second model is high-tech and allows for better concentration of paint for smaller projects.

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