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Industrial Power Washing Services

Industrial Pressure Washing in Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana

Industrial cleaning projects require insurance. This is an important component before a project even begins. Chicagoland Pressure Washing meets the industry’s highest, most stringent insurance requirements.  Our company’s safety record is clean and we are proud of our extremely low workers’ compensation modification rating.  Safety is the number one priority on every Chicagoland Pressure Washing project.

The second most important aspect of Industrial cleaning projects is the customer’s production schedule. Our cleaning work will not disrupt the client’s ability to create product.  We are capable and certified in tower scaffold erection.  As an example, in one manufacturing plant we erected a tower scaffold above a production area, enclosed it using high quality polyurethane, and installed a temporary air system to properly complete the project without disturbing the ongoing work of the manufacturer.

We will also complete jobs nights, weekends, and holidays as necessary. This allows production to continue with zero interaction with our workers. Our technicians are also trained and certified in swing stage, suspended scaffolding and all aerial lift equipment.

The next area of importance for industrial projects, in which Chicagoland Pressure Washing exceeds requirements, is owning the proper equipment. Our equipment enables us to handle any job. Our Hydro-Tek T4500 power washer can handle a standard wash. Our 10,000 psi tow-behind water blasting unit has the capability to cut through concrete and metal. We also have many hydrotwisters that can clean horizontal surfaces up to 8,000 square feet per man hour. This is an incredible amount of space for such a short amount of time!

This capability allows us to offer competitive pricing. Chicagoland Pressure Washing buys only safe and up-to-date equipment. This ensures that we will be employing the latest in cleaning technology on industrial projects. Our staff is trained and certified on all our equipment. You can be assured that equipment will always operate at its maximum potential. What’s more, our technicians have all been trained and certified in OSHA’s PPE (personal protective equipment) guidelines, including respiratory fit training.

Our staff is also trained in reading MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). We provide copies to the property owner with any chemicals used on their specific project. We hold regular meetings with our technicians to ensure that they are experienced with all chemicals used on restoration projects. This allows us to keep your staff, our workforce, and the environment safe during the course of the project. These are just a few of the tasks we do to be as safe and effective as possible on every cleaning projects.

Chicagoland Pressure Washing abides by EPA regulations and standards; when doing industrial pressure washing this is always a top concern.  We demonstrate our concern and regard for the environment by quarantining sewer grates with barrier dams. We also implement our wash water recovery system to actually clean and filter the extra water runoff.