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OSHA Compliant Power Washing Equipment

Pressure Washing Equipment in Chicago, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana

Elevated Work Platforms

Chicagoland Power Washing is educated, experienced, and equipped to work with swing stages, aerial lifts, and temporary tower scaffolding. There is no structure or substrate we can’t access. Whether your building is forty stories high, has a pedestrian bridge over a retention pond, or the ceiling above very important manufacturing equipment needs work, Chicagoland Pressure Washing can engineer the proper aerial system to handle it safely.




A swing-stage is an elevated work platform that is supported by suspension lines. Swing stages are used primarily on high-rise buildings. Safety beams and canter weights are used to suspend our scaffold from the roof, and the platform is then raised and lowered with automatic hoisting equipment. We require our technicians to be trained and licensed in this capacity long before the City of Chicago required such certification by law. This method is extremely safe for the painters, as well as the integrity of structure.

Aerial lifts

Aerial lifts may have articulated swing arms, telescoping elevation devices, and movable bases. These options on aerial lifts enable technicians to reach nearly any part of a building. When positioning the lifts, we lay down a (1″) one-inch thick plywood path to protect any landscaping from the weight of the equipment.

Temporary tower scaffolding structures

Certain situations do not allow aerial lifts for elevated work. This may be because aerial lists would obstruct or create architectural inaccessibility. For these situations, we can also erect temporary tower scaffolding structures. These structures are installed for large indoor and outdoor projects where. We require an OSHA-certified foreman to be present for this type of work.

Safety and OSHA Compliance

Safety and OSHA compliance is of paramount concern to Chicagoland Pressure Washing. All of our painters are trained and certified in proper maintenance and operation of elevated work platforms. Feel free to contact our office to request a copy of the certification for any of our painters dedicated to your project.

Pressure Washing Equipment

This is our Hydro-Tek T4500 power washer. This self-contained, mobile unit has a pressure output of 3,300 psi. The 520 gallon, trailer-mounted tank allows the Chicagoland Pressure Washing team to clean surfaces independently of an outside water source.


SC Series

The SC Series skid is a totally self-contained, high output hot pressure washer with serious cleaning power. It is designed to withstand daily use by professionals who rely on its dependability and cleaning speed to make a living. The SC Series pressure washer make a hyperlink includes a super high output burner with extended fuel capacities and a 2.9 kW generator with 115v auxiliary power outlets, making it perfect for lights or other optional equipment such as our wash water recovery systems or water recycling systems. Its high impact cleaning power, rugged stainless steel construction and Pro-Tech-It frame enable it to handle huge cleaning tasks with ease and without the need for an outside power source. The SC pressure washer has proven itself repeatedly in commercial and industrial applications; whether you are cleaning ships, heavy equipment, buildings, or concrete, the SC will be on hand, with the power to get the job done right. A special thanks to Hydro-Tek Systems Inc. for this information.
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AZV55 Vacuum Recovery & Filtration

The AZV55 is a vacuum recovery and filtration unit that, when combined with a Hydro Tek SC or SCU Series mobile washer skid and modular trailer system, becomes a fully portable self-contained Wash, Recover and Recycle cleaning system.

The vacuum recovery system of the AZV55 uses a vacuum scupper simplifying the recovery process.

Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with governmental storm drain regulations is simple, economical, and effective with the AZV55 when cleaning storefront concrete, gas stations, sidewalks, etc. Wash water is vacuumed up and filtered through 7 stages with a reduction to 5 microns and stored in your trailer tank, available for repeated use by your power washer. The unit contains 2 large capacity pleated filters for continual use and extra filtration protection, ensuring the water is thoroughly filtered.

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