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Drone Power Washing Chicago

McCahill Painting is bringing high-elevation drone power washing and related drone services to Chicagoland and the greater region. Our autonomous sprayer drone technology offers customers massively expanded cleaning and graffiti removal capabilities and a safer, greener, more cost-efficient solution to their elevated projects.  

Our drones can tackle jobs up to 400 feet (40 stories) high, empowering customers across all industries to access elevated structures that were impossible or very costly to address with traditional methods. All backed by McCahill Painting's 45+ year track record of exceptional workmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction. 

Our comprehensive drone services include power washing, soft washing, graffiti removal, window cleaning, and de-icing.

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Reach New Heights & Open New Possibilities 

  • Ideal for anything above 8 feet elevation 
  • Reach surfaces up to 400 feet (40 stories) high 
  • Gain access to areas hard to reach with traditional equipment 
  • Also beneficial to many large-scale ground level jobs – cover widespread spaces more efficiently and without added equipment 

Comprehensive Spray Drone Capabilities

Our drones deliver a full range of solutions to remove dirt, grease, biological and environmental contamination, peeling paint, corrosion, graffiti, and more. 

  • Power Wash up to 4,000 PSI 
  • Soft Wash 
  • Roto Tip 
  • Graffiti Removal 
  • Touchless Window Cleaning 
  • De-Icing 

Reach Every Inch of Your Exterior Surfaces 

From traditional building exteriors to ornate signage to rugged precast concrete and structural steel, our spray drones get the job done.  

  • Walls 
  • Roofs 
  • Signage 
  • Windows 
  • Precast concrete buildings 
  • Structural steel 
  • Water towers, tanks, and silos 
  • Industrial plants and infrastructure 
  • Bridges, overpasses, elevated railways 
  • Monuments, sculpture, and art installations 
  • Train cars 
  • Vehicle fleets 
  • Cargo ships 

All substrates: 

  • Brick 
  • Stone 
  • Precast concrete 
  • Structural steel 
  • Metal 
  • Glass 
  • Vinyl 
  • Wood 
  • IPE Decking 
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Hot Water Power Washing

Drones + Hot Water = Superior Results 

Over more than four decades cleaning surfaces and preparing them for optimum paint adhesion, we've found that 250-degree hot water—applied at the right pressure and using the right technique—is the most gentle yet effective power washing method for a variety of applications. 

Using hot water eliminates the need for harsh cleaning agents and achieves excellent results at a lower pressure, both of which protect the underlying substrate. In instances when something more than hot water is required, we incorporate mild, eco-friendly cleaning products that work extremely well when combined with hot water. 

Why Use Drones? 

Drone technology brings big benefits to exterior projects: 

  • NEW POSSIBILITIES – reach surfaces up to 400 feet, making inaccessible or cost-prohibitive projects now attainable and affordable 
  • ASSET PRESERVATION – properly cleaning and maintaining your elevated surfaces extends the life and long-term value of your substrates and the finishes that protect them 
  • COST SAVINGS – save money by eliminating costly booms, lifts and other elevated platform equipment, reducing crew size, reducing waste through precision drone application, and by covering the same space in less time vs. traditional methods 
  • LESS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – no emissions or ground damage from diesel-burning booms or lifts; eco-friendly cleaning formula of hot water and biodegradable cleaning agents; precisely calibrated drone application reduces wasted water and cleaning products 
  • TIME EFFICIENCY – the inherent efficiency of drone spraying vs. traditional power washing allows us to clean most spaces in less time, up to 5x faster in some applications 
  • ENHANCED SAFETY – eliminating the need for heavy equipment, booms, lifts, elevated scaffolds/work platforms, or suspension systems reduces the risks to workers, employees, and visitors as well as the surrounding grounds and structures 
  • LESS DISRUPTION – drone sprayers are quieter, use far less space, and do not require booms, lifts, or scaffolding compared to traditional methods 

Operated by Our Trained and FAA-Licensed Drone Pilots 

Our autonomous sprayer drones are operated only by properly trained and FAA-licensed drone pilots. Safety is priority #1 at McCahill Painting and we have maintained an impeccable safety record over more than four decades.  

Why Choose McCahill Painting Sprayer Drone Solutions? 


Using drone technology successfully requires more than owning a drone and having a pilot. Our drone program is backed by more than 45 years of knowledge and experience cleaning, painting, and restoring a full range of substrates in industrial and commercial settings across most major industries.  

Our customers’ projects benefit from our wide-ranging expertise and capabilities including power washing, abrasive blasting, painting, corrosion mitigation, proper surface preparation, graffiti removal, and more. We understand exactly which products and application techniques should be used to deliver outstanding results while carefully protecting and extending the usable life of your industrial and commercial assets. 


McCahill Painting brings you our tried-and-true hot water power washing system, proven to deliver excellent results with less environmental impact all while carefully protecting underlying substrates. Our trucks’ self-contained water supplies further streamline our process and expand the range and reach of our drones. 


We employ a rigorous ongoing safety training program and regularly update our equipment and gear as part of our commitment to prioritize, teach, and apply safe work practices on all McCahill Painting jobs. 

Maintaining an impeccable safety record over more than four decades in commercial and industrial painting has instilled deep confidence in our customers who know a McCahill Painting crew is a safe crew. 

proudly serving chicagoland, illinois, wisconsin, indiana & michigan

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