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Graffiti Removal Services Chicago

It happens to the best of us – your building, sidewalk, equipment, or vehicles are tagged by graffiti, tarnishing your professional appearance in an instant. While frustrating, know that graffiti can be gently and completely removed while protecting your building's surfaces and substrates.

McCahill Painting has extensive experience safely and effectively removing graffiti as well as applying graffiti barrier coating systems to protect our customers’ property and assets. Dealing with difficult to access graffiti? Our advanced power washing drones can safely and efficiently remove graffiti from elevated and hard to access structures.

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Have Graffiti that Needs Removed ASAP?

Addressing graffiti right away often allows for easier removal and discourages further vandalism of your property. Consult our graffiti removal tips and contact us today to schedule a McCahill crew to come out ASAP. We have flexible hours and do our best to accommodate fast response times!

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Chicagoland’s Graffiti Removal Experts

McCahill Painting is relied upon across Chicagoland for safe and effective graffiti removal and the application of graffiti barrier coating systems.

SURFACE & SUBSTRATE EXPERTISE - We’re deeply familiar with the properties of different substrates including concrete, brick, stone, metal, and wood, and understand the best methods for removing graffiti and restoring each of these materials.

SAFE & EFFECTIVE GRAFFITI REMOVAL TECHNIQUES - We use the most advanced equipment and processes in the industry, including our proven method of combining environmentally safe cleaners with 250-degree hot water to gently remove graffiti from nearly any surface while protecting the substrate. We’ve invested in large-capacity hot water power washing trucks and in power washing drones that are self-contained and equipped to handle graffiti removal jobs of any size.

COMPLETE RESTORATION SERVICES - And as a full-service painting and restoration contractor, we can fully restore your property after graffiti removal by cleaning, repainting, and touching up as needed to return your property to its original appearance.

How to Remove Graffiti Safely and Effectively?

Your most important first step after discovering graffiti is to ACT FAST and consult a professional graffiti removal expert. Fast action allows for easier removal and studies show that graffiti vandals move on when their “work” isn’t allowed to stay on display.

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How Can You Prevent Graffiti?

While there is no 100% effective graffiti prevention solution, steps can be taken to discourage graffiti and make it easier to remove if it does occur. We’ve helped many customers address repeated graffiti by applying graffiti barrier coating systems and surface treatments, which act as both a preventive and corrective treatment by protecting vulnerable surfaces and allowing for quicker removal of any subsequent graffiti.

Graffiti Removal Project Videos

Graffiti Removal from a Train

Removing Graffiti from a Brick Building

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