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Concrete Floor Painting & Line Striping

Commercial & Industrial Floor Painting Services

Commercial and industrial floors require highly durable paint applications that support the safety, functionality, and professional appearance of each unique workspace.

McCahill Painting has extensive experience helping clients achieve attractive, hard-wearing concrete floors that withstand high traffic, enhance workflow, aid in employee foot traction and equipment grip, meet rigorous food and healthcare standards, resist dirt and contaminants, and clean up easily.

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Custom Floor Painting Designs

We recognize that every business and workspace is unique, and our knowledgeable team will work with you to recommend the best applications for your project and design a floor painting plan that meets your specific needs.

We can achieve nearly any style floor finish, from solid to gradient to custom designs. We have experience applying slip-resistant coatings, line striping and floor markings, and other specialty applications to meet safety standards and optimize workflow. We can also restore floors to a high polish to reflect more light into the workspace.

Line Striping and Floor Markings

Well-defined line striping and floor markings greatly enhance the safety and efficiency of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and other commercial and industrial spaces. Thoughtfully placed line stripes and markings can identify physical hazards, highlight the location of safety equipment, reinforce processes, guide traffic, and maintain a safe and orderly workspace.

Maintaining bright, crisp painted line stripes is essential—when lines are worn and faded, their effectiveness is greatly diminished. McCahill Painting has extensive experience removing worn striping and applying new, highly durable paint striping that resists wear and fading in even the busiest of environments. We have experience marking aisles, storage areas, assembly line space, off-limits areas, walkways, exits, operational flow patterns, forklift lanes, and more.

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Line Striping a Large Manufacturing Facility

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From solid floors to complex line striping, McCahill Painting can help you achieve highly durable industrial and commercial floor painting services that look amazing, are easy to maintain, and enhance the safety and efficiency of your facility.

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Surface Preparation for Concrete Floor Painting and Coating

Meticulous surface preparation by a skilled floor painting contractor is essential to achieving proper paint adhesion and a durable, long-lasting finish. McCahill Painting has the experience and equipment to safely remove old paint and contaminants and restore floors to their original composition before painting. This may involve abrasive blasting, power disc grinding, power washing, and/or precise hand tool preparation. We can resolve any cracks, chips, and joint issues so your finished floor is flawless.

Proven Products & Expert Application

Industrial and commercial floor painting requires specialized products (such as 2-component epoxy coatings) to achieve finishes that can stand up against heavy foot traffic and equipment. But even the highest quality products will fail if not applied correctly.

Our floor painting experts select the best products for each project and apply those products exactly per the manufacturer’s specifications using proven tools and techniques. Years of successful floor painting and line striping have shown us what methods result in the most durable finishes.  

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McCahill Painting is an ISNetworld Member Contractor, underscoring our commitment to safety, training and sound business practices.