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Industrial & Commercial Repaints

Maintenance Coating Specialist

Repaint projects and coating maintenance are essential to keeping industrial and commercial property protected, structurally sound, and professional in appearance. The value of investments can diminish quickly if decay, corrosion, water infiltration, and deteriorating appearance are not addressed.

Attractive, well-maintained property projects a professional image, enhances safety and functionality, improves workplace energy and morale, and supports your brand. 

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When Should You Repaint?

Watch for these signs indicating it’s time to repair and repaint your property:
  • Peeling, flaking, faded, or blistering/bubbling paint
  • Rusted, corroded, cracked, or decaying surfaces
  • Failing joints, tuckpointing, or caulk
  • Biological growth including mold and mildew
  • Presence of efflorescence, a white hue or crystal coating that occurs on brick or masonry surfaces as the water reacts with the natural salts in the brick/stone
  • Stains and dirt that cannot be removed through cleaning (in some cases professional cleaning is all you need—we can help assess and provide professional power washing if indicated)
  • Safety and zone markings that are worn, faded, improperly placed or out of compliance
  • Water leaks and infiltration, often showing up as damp walls or water stains
  • Interior walls with dents, nicks, stains, scuffs, holes, or unresolved repairs
  • Doors and windows that do not operate properly due to paint build up or decay
  • Acoustical tile ceilings that are dingy, stained, or warped
  • Overall appearance that is unprofessional or does not support your brand or desired image
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Benefits of repainting and regular coating maintenance:

Keeping your property in good repair with professional painting and maintenance is the key to preserving your valuable commercial and industrial assets and extending the life of your investments. Plus, it's more cost effective and less stressful to proactively maintain buildings and property than to completely restore them after extensive damage has occurred.

Specific benefits of repainting include:

  • Protects surfaces from moisture, biological growth, and environmental damage
  • Protects buildings from water and pest infiltration
  • Maintains structural integrity by preventing decay
  • Allows for easier routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Enhances safety and workflow/functionality with clean lines and markings and supports compliance with safety requirements
  • Welcomes customers, visitors, and employees with a professional and inviting appearance that reinforces your brand and desired image
  • Supports employee morale and productivity by providing a bright, professional, well-kept work environment
  • Improves indoor air quality by addressing water, humidity, mold, mildew, and airborne dust from failing paint
  • Extends the usable life of your structures and property

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Why Choose McCahill for your repaint project? 

We have 40+ years of professional painting experience including hundreds of medium and large-scale industrial and commercial repaint projects. We have experience executing exact repaints as well as applying new paint design schemes.

Our expertise includes restoring and painting a wide range of substrates including precast concrete, structural steel, metal, brick, stone, wood, and drywall. We can create a professional appearance from top to bottom by including any railings, beams, overhead doors, floors, dock areas, and architectural details you would like painted.

Need help choosing colors or how to apply them? We can assist in developing a paint design plan specific to your goals and your space. Our clients are amazed at the way a thoughtful paint plan can transform lackluster spaces into sharp, modern workplaces that warmly welcome visitors, energize employees, and support branding, safety, and workflow.

Learn more about our digital color imaging and design services.

We can work any shift, any day, during scheduled shutdowns, slow periods, or while business is in full swing. We recognize businesses often must continue operating while we work and plan our projects to protect your workplace and ensure minimal disruption while getting the job done to your exact specifications.

Our team is trained and licensed to work safely in demanding work environments and skilled at using elevated work platforms, lifts, and other specialty equipment often necessary with industrial and commercial repaint projects. We take great care to deliver outstanding results while protecting your work environment and minimizing disruption. 

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