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Commercial & Industrial Rust Removal Services

Rust and corrosion are common issues in industrial and commercial structures. Moisture, oxygen, salt, and other corrosive agents chemically react with iron, steel, and metal to cause rust and corrosion. In concrete structures, rust often forms when moisture reaches the metal rebar.

Unfortunately, it takes very little of these corrosive agents to spur the oxidation process and begin corroding the substrate. Contact a pro as soon as you see signs of corrosion. McCahill Painting is specially trained in rust and corrosion control and we have helped hundreds of customers resolve rust issues and prevent them from returning.

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Act fast to prevent costly corrosion damage!

If left unchecked, rust and corrosion will not only look unsightly but will damage the substrate and weaken its structural integrity. Fast action and preventative solutions are the keys to protecting your valuable assets from the destructive and expensive consequences of corrosion. 

before and after for rust removal
before and after of metal beam

Our Rust & Corrosion Control Process

  1. ASSESS– First we identify and evaluate all areas of rust and corrosion, assess stains and damage, and pinpoint the sources of exposure to moisture and corrosive agents.
  2. CLEAN & REPAIR – Next, we remove any rust and corrosion as gently as possible while protecting the substrate, repair any structural decay or damage, and resolve caulk and joint failures or other compromises that are allowing moisture and corrosive agents access to your surfaces. Techniques and applications may include abrasive blasting, sanding, hand tools, and hot water power washing.
  3. PREVENT – Once the surface is restored, we apply carefully selected rust-inhibiting primers and rust encapsulation coatings to prevent future corrosion. These products, when applied properly, create a protective barrier to keep out corrosive agents and discourage future rust and corrosion.
  4. PAINT – Now that the substrate is protected, industrial and commercial-grade paint can be applied for aesthetic and safety purposes.
  5. INSPECT & MAINTAIN – Because early intervention prevents costly damage, we recommend inspecting your property and structures regularly and quickly addressing any further vulnerable areas or observed rust or corrosion as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable team is happy to help assess your property for regular maintenance.

Why Choose McCahill Painting?

Asset Preservation Approach

McCahill Painting approaches every project with the fundamental goal of extending the usable life of our customers' industrial and commercial assets. Always keeping this perspective in mind, we help clients properly restore and protect their buildings and structures to achieve the aesthetic appearance they're looking for while maximizing the long-term return on their investments.

Sky-high Standards

We employ AMPP (formerly NACE and SSPC) corrosion and coatings standards and have a track record of successful projects and satisfied clients as evidence of our proficiency in tackling challenging corrosion projects.

40+ Years of Experience in the Business

Our team has extensive experience addressing and controlling rust and corrosion in structural steel, precast concrete, and a wide variety of commercial and industrial structures. We stay up to date on the latest rust and corrosion control methods and products and have a network of corrosion experts we consult with to ensure every client gets a solution suited to their specific rust and corrosion issues.

Rust & Corrosion Project Videos

Removing Rust Stains from Concrete Buildings

Rust Removal and Painting of Structural Steel 

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McCahill Painting is an ISNetworld Member Contractor, underscoring our commitment to safety, training and sound business practices.