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Commercial & Industrial Hot Water Power Washing Contractor

Power washing, sometimes called pressure washing, is the process of applying water to surfaces at a high pressure to enhance cleaning capability. Commercial and industrial power washing is an essential tool for deep cleaning, corrosion control, and graffiti removal, as well as for preparing surfaces in advance of paint and coating applications.

While the basic process of power washing is simple, the magic is in the combination of techniques used. McCahill Painting has perfected our method of using 250-degree hot water to power wash a wide array of surfaces with excellent results, often without the need for additional cleaning agents.

Our new drone power washing services can tackle jobs up to 12 stories high, empowering customers across all industries to power wash elevated and large-scale structures that were impossible or very costly to address with traditional methods. 

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Commercial Power Washing the Exterior of the Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago

Drone Power Washing

Reach new heights and open new possibilities with our autonomous power washing drones: 

  • Ideal for anything above 8 feet elevation 
  • Reach surfaces up to 12 stories high 
  • Gain access to areas hard to reach with traditional equipment 
  • Also beneficial to many large-scale ground level jobs – cover widespread spaces more efficiently and without added equipment
Learn more about drone power washing

Why Use Hot Water for Power Washing?

In our more than four decades cleaning surfaces and preparing them for optimum paint adhesion, we've found that hot water—applied at the right pressure and using the right technique—is the most gentle yet effective power washing method for a variety of applications.

Using hot water eliminates or greatly diminishes the need for additional cleaning agents. This minimizes environmental impact and allows us to use much gentler cleaning products in those instances where something more than hot water is required. Using hot water also allows us to achieve excellent results at a lower pressure, further protecting the substrate.

While we have great success using hot water power washing, rest assured we evaluate each project individually and have the expertise and experience to adapt our power washing techniques as needed.


What Surfaces and Substrates Can Be Power Washed?

We’ve learned what pressures and water temperatures work best for each surface type to completely remove all contamination and prepare surfaces as desired while protecting the integrity of the substrate and surrounding area.

Power washing can be used to clean and restore:

  • Precast concrete
  • Steel and metal
  • Brick and masonry
  • Wood for restoration
  • Building facades
  • Floors, stairs, walkways
  • Docks
  • Tanks and silos
  • Heavy equipment
  • Artwork and sculpture
  • Water towers, bridges, and tall/elevated buildings and structures - often made possible and affordable with aerial drone power washing

Power Washing Applications

Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting

From dust, dirt, mildew and mold to the most stubborn oil, grease, and grime, power washing can cut through the contamination to restore surfaces to their original appearance. A skilled technician can customize the pressure, water temperature, cleaning agents, and equipment used to remove years of build up without damaging the underlying substrate. Using hot water (and chemical cleaning agents as needed) can also disinfect surfaces to support a clean and healthy space.

Regular deep cleaning protects the substrate from decay that could compromise its strength and longevity, and makes intermittent cleaning and maintenance less of a chore.

Finally clean and protect your elevated structures like water towers and multi-story buildings with our drone power washing services, reaching up to 12 stories without the need for costly booms, lifts and other elevated platform equipment.

Surface Preparation for Paint Application

Surfaces to be painted must be meticulously cleaned and prepared to achieve excellent paint adhesion and a durable, long-lasting finish. Our hot water power washing is a highly effective process for safely removing old paint, residue, and other contaminants to restore surfaces to their original composition prior to painting. 

Rust Removal & Corrosion Control

Steel, metal, and concrete are especially susceptible to rust and corrosion. Left untreated, such corrosion not only looks unsightly but can decay the surface material compromising its structural integrity and shortening the life of the structure.

Power washing can work wonders to remove rust, scale, and buildup while cleaning the entire surface. Scraping and abrasive blasting may be needed in combination with power washing to completely remove the rust and decay. Once clean, proper steps should be taken to protect the surface from further corrosion.

Remove rust and protect even your tallest and hardest to access structures with our drone power washing services. Innovative drone power washing technology makes projects that were once inaccessible or cost-prohibitive now attainable and affordable! 

Graffiti Removal

Power washing with hot water and environmentally safe cleaners is extremely effective at removing graffiti from nearly any surface. The hot water and pressure break the bond between the graffiti and surface and clean much more effectively and easily than scrubbing with a cleaning agent.

Once graffiti is removed, additional steps such as a graffiti barrier coating can be applied to protect the surface going forward. Learn more about graffiti removal and barrier coatings.

Power Washing Safely & Responsibly 

Industrial and commercial pressure washing requires training and knowledge to properly protect people, property, and the environment. McCahill Painting crew members are thoroughly trained and experienced in using our cutting-edge power washing equipment. We follow all OSHA and EPA regulations and standards, and our crew is trained and certified in operating elevated platforms and equipment including aerial lifts, swing stages, and scaffolding.

We are extremely diligent about workspace preparation to ensure we protect any areas not to be power washed and minimize disruptions to your business. This includes installing canopies and barriers as well as working any shift, any day to ensure our work does not interfere with yours.

Power Washing Water Management

When power washing, it is extremely important to manage water use and runoff safely and responsibly. Proper water filtration, recovery, and recycling enhance the efficiency of a project while protecting both the workspace and the environment.

McCahill Painting filters and recycles the water we use to abide by all EPA regulations and standards. Using a vacuum recovery and filtration unit along with our mobile washer skid creates a self-contained wash, recover, and recycle system that protects the environment from wash water runoff and complies with governmental storm drain regulations and other standards.

Environmentally Safe Power Washing

We strive to further reduce our environmental impact by avoiding harsh chemicals. Using hot water in many power washing applications greatly reduces the need for added cleaning chemicals and allows us to choose non-toxic, biodegradable detergents when they are needed.

Commercial & Industrial Power Washing Equipment

PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, industrial plants, and tanks all require a caliber of power washing equipment well beyond what you might purchase for use at home. We’ve invested in the absolute best industrial and commercial pressure washing equipment and the training to go along with it—the foundation for the excellent results we deliver to our clients.

INDEPENDENT POWER & WATER SOURCES - All of our units have large capacity water storage tanks and operate independently of an outside water source, allowing us to power wash anywhere. We also have washers with generators that do not require an outside power source.

SPECIALTY POWER WASHERS - In addition to industrial-grade power washers, we have water blasting units capable of 10,000 PSI to address the most demanding concrete and steel projects. We also own several hydro twister rotary cleaners, which connect to a power washer to clean horizontal surfaces up to ten times faster than a standard wand—all with greater consistency, less technician fatigue, and less water usage.

ADVANCED SPRAYER DRONES - Our drones deliver a full range of solutions to remove dirt, grease, biological and environmental contamination, peeling paint, corrosion, graffiti, and more: 

  • Power Wash up to 4,000 PSI 
  • Soft Wash 
  • Roto Tip 
  • Graffiti Removal 
  • Touchless Window Cleaning 
  • De-Icing 
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