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Above-Grade Waterproofing & Water-Resistant Coatings

Commercial & Industrial Waterproofing Services

McCahill Painting helps customers protect their commercial assets by applying professional-grade sealing products that keep water out while still allowing brick and stone to breathe and moisture to escape. With more than 40 years in the restoration business, we understand the unique properties of brick, stone, and other substrates and how they react to water, as well as what professional products and applications work best to protect them from water infiltration.

From waterproofing new buildings to restoring and sealing existing walls to protect them from further damage, McCahill Painting will get the job done and ensure your building is protected from future water infiltration. 

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The Warning Signs

Watch for these indications that water is infiltrating your building:

  • Interior mold or mildew
  • Damp interior walls or water stains
  • Presence of efflorescence, a white hue or crystal coating that occurs on brick or masonry surfaces as the water reacts with the natural salts in the brick/stone
  • Biological growth on your brick or stone exterior
  • Premature aging/spalling  of the brick or stone exterior and accompanying joints/tuckpointing 
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How to Prevent Water Infiltration in Brick and Masonry?

Brick and stone are excellent building materials, but they do absorb water. When water is absorbed through exterior masonry, it can seep through to the interior of the building leading to leaks, mold, and mildew. On the exterior, water absorption promotes unsightly biological growth that can decay the surface material and tuckpointing.

Thoroughly cleaning and then applying a commercial water sealer to your above-grade brick, masonry, cinderblock, or limestone building is the best way to prevent water infiltration and protect the exterior substrate of your building. 

Benefits of waterproofing brick and stone commercial buildings:

  • Hinders biological growth on the building exterior, which keeps your building looking professional and protects the exterior brick and stone from decay
  • Protects brick and stone from cracking, staining, and other damage that can result from water infiltration
  • Protects the mortar joints and tuckpointing from premature degradation
  • Reduces the risk of mold and mildew
  • Promotes a healthy interior by preventing water penetration while still allowing the walls and materials to breathe
  • Helps regulate interior humidity levels
  • Allows for easier cleaning of exterior walls
  • Looks natural and professional – brick and stone are highly protected with no aesthetic difference (no surface film or glossy finish)
  • Saves time and money – protecting your brick and stone exterior with a water-resistant sealer helps prevent costly and time-consuming efforts you may face down the line to remediate water damage, mold, or decaying substrate due to water infiltration

The McCahill Process for Above-Grade Waterproofing & Sealing:

1. Assess

We first evaluate the exterior and interior of your above-grade walls and building to identify water infiltration and assess any damage incurred. In addition to looking for the signs of water infiltration, McCahill Painting can perform a simple on-site test that will quickly show whether your brick or stone exterior is sealed and protected or unsealed and absorbing water with our industrial waterproofing services.

2. Clean

Next, we meticulously power wash your exterior masonry using 250-degree hot water and water flow, not pressure, to completely remove biological growth and other contamination. This step is extremely important as contamination of any sort (atmospheric, biological, etc.) is not only unsightly but will shorten the lifespan of your masonry. Power washing with hot water is highly effective, yet gentle, and reduces the need for harsh chemical cleaners. If a cleaning agent is needed, we use a mild, environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaner that gets the job done while protecting your masonry and the environment.

3. Repair

As a commercial waterproofing contractors and restoration experts, our team is equipped to make any necessary repairs to your masonry and joints to ensure the integrity of your building before waterproofing.

4. Seal

Finally, we apply a commercial-grade water-resistant sealer to the exterior surfaces of your building to prevent water infiltration and biological growth going forward, thereby protecting the substrate, joints, and interior from further damage and decay. We’ve tested and identified the best quality commercial waterproofing products to achieve optimum water resistance while still allowing your brick and stone walls to breathe. The sealers we use do not change the appearance of your brick or stone and have the added benefit of making these surfaces easier to clean and maintain.

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