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Silos & Storage Tanks

Industrial Silo Painting Services

There are few structures where diligently maintaining coatings and surfaces is as critical as with industrial silos and storage tanks. Whether agricultural, chemical, fuel, pharmaceutical, or water storage, maintaining outer and inner coatings and linings is essential to protecting valuable contents from contamination or spoilage, and preventing leaks that could pose human or environmental hazards.

McCahill Painting has extensive experience helping customers maintain their silos and storage tanks with our cleaning, painting, and restoration services, including industrial-grade coating and lining systems suited to the specific substrate, contents, and safety requirements of each storage structure. Our drone power washing capabilities offer a safer, greener, more cost-efficient solution for cleaning silos and adjacent elevated structures. 

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how we help

McCahill Painting helps silo and tank owners:

Protect and extend the usable life of their tanks and silos by keeping them in excellent working condition and quickly addressing any issues or deterioration before there is substantial damage.

Stay inspection ready by establishing and maintaining required coatings, linings, and markings and using industry-approved products and application techniques.

Maintain product quality and safety by protecting valuable contents from contamination or spoilage.

Protect employees, visitors, and the local environment by by preventing leaks or contamination that could pose human or environmental hazards.


Prevent costly shutdowns due to unexpected maintenance by properly and protecting and maintaining their tanks, silos, and other structures.

Minimize interruptions by offering flexible scheduling and working on nights, weekends, holidays, or during plant slow times or shutdowns.

Reduce cleaning costs and time by applying paints and coatings that are easier to clean and maintain.

Support their brand and professional image with thoughtful paint schemes, color choices, and skillful application.

One-Stop Painting & Restoration Services

> Industrial Silos and Storage Tanks
  • INSPECTION & ASSESSMENT – Careful inspection by an industrial coating expert is key to identifying issues and vulnerabilities before they cause extensive damage. While there are obvious signs of problems like peeling or bubbling paint, cracks, and rust, our trained professionals can spot more subtle signs indicating the existing coating or structure is compromised. It is typically far less costly and disruptive to address issues at the very first signs of concern.
  • INDUSTRIAL CLEANING INCLUDING HIGH-ELEVATION DRONE POWER WASHING – Moisture, debris, and contamination on the paint film begins the corrosion process. We safely and completely remove these contaminants through industrial power washing and cleaning, an essential part of protecting and extending the life of silo and tank coatings and their underlying substrates. Our autonomous drone power washing capabilities offer a safer, greener, more cost-efficient solution for cleaning silos and other elevated structures. Skipping this maintenance typically leads to rust and corrosion and to premature decay of the linings and structure.
  • RUST & CORROSION CONTROL AND REPAIRS – If corrosion and damage has occurred, we can remove the rust and remedy the root problem, so it does not worsen or return. This must be done prior to repainting or lining to ensure the substrate is sound and in optimum condition for the new coating to adhere properly and protect the substrate and contents.
  • INTERIOR TANK LININGS & COATINGS – We apply high-performance industrial-grade coating and lining systems to protect the integrity of silo and tank structures and the valuable contents they holds. Advanced coating and lining products, when applied properly, create a powerfully protective barrier that prevents leaking, chemical erosion, corrosion, evaporation, and any reaction between the contents and the substrate. It is essential that interior tank and silo linings are inspected regularly and kept in excellent working order to ensure long-term durability.
  • EXTERIOR SILO & TANK PAINTING – Our highly durable coating systems are formulated to withstand challenging weather and environmental conditions, and our crews have the training and expertise to apply them exactly per the manufacturer specifications for optimum performance and protection of your valuable assets. We can paint logos and colors on the exterior to showcase your brand, apply markings for safety, and paint any surrounding structures for a cohesive and professional overall appearance.
  • PAINTING & RESTORATION OF ADJACENT STRUCTURES – To fully protect and renew your silo and tank facility, our team can restore and paint support structures, railings, ladders, fencing, stairwells, doors, buildings, and other adjacent components. As with tank linings and coatings, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly restore and paint a wide variety of substrates including concrete, steel, metal, brick, stone, wood, and more.
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On Time + On Budget + Outstanding Results

Securing an industrial painting contractor you can trust and rely on is worth its weight in gold, and we’re confident McCahill Painting Company can be that partner for you. As a McCahill Painting client, you’ll find we’re more than your typical painting company–we’re a true partner you can rely on to complete your projects safely, on time and on budget, with minimal disruption, and excellent, long-lasting results.

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Sky-high Standards & Impeccable Safety Practices 

At McCahill Painting, we’re as meticulous and exacting about our work as you are about yours. Our sky-high standards and stringent safety practices have earned us the trust of leading industrial organizations in Chicagoland and across the Midwest. These customers rely on us to help keep their facilities, silos and storage tanks safe, professional, operating flawlessly, and in compliance with industry regulations. 

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We are an active member of ISNetworld, underscoring our commitment to safety, training and sound business practices. ISN’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) verifies and evaluates our health, safety, and procurement information to ensure regulatory and client specific requirements are met.

McCahill Painting has successfully completed the extremely rigorous ISNetworld Review and Verification Services (RAVS) PLUS Safety Audit. The ISN RAVS PLUS is an in-depth review and audit of our health, safety, and procurement programs and how those programs are implemented and understood throughout our organization. 

Maintaining an impeccable safety record over more than four decades has instilled deep confidence in our customers, who know a McCahill Painting crew is a safe crew. Our team is trained and certified to work safely in demanding industrial work environments, including confined spaces and elevated heights. We are experienced at using elevated work platforms, aerial lifts, and other specialty equipment often necessary on industrial projects.

We employ a rigorous ongoing safety training program and regularly update our equipment and gear as part of our commitment to prioritize, teach, and apply safe work practices on all McCahill Painting jobs. And we carefully follow AMPP standards and practices for industrial coatings, and diligently apply all industrial products per manufacturer specifications.

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We are members of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance, AMPP (formerly SSPC and NACE), a global community of professionals dedicated to materials protection through the advancement of corrosion control and protective coatings.


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Industries Served

We paint, restore, and maintain silos and tanks across many industrial sectors including:

Silo & Tank Projects

Industrial Sandblasting of a Chlorine Tank

Industrial Power Washing of Metal Silos and Tanks

proudly serving chicagoland, illinois, wisconsin, indiana & michigan

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McCahill Painting is an ISNetworld Member Contractor, underscoring our commitment to safety, training and sound business practices.