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Industrial & Commercial Precast Concrete Painting Services

Precast Concrete Painting Contractor serving Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin

McCahill Painting Company is your one-stop shop for precast concrete painting and restoration.

Our comprehensive abrasive blasting, power washing and painting services help clients restore, maintain, and extend the life of their precast concrete buildings and structures. Through thoughtful paint application, we help clients transform their lackluster precast concrete buildings into sharp, modern workplaces that support their brand and professional image. We are experts at effectively cleaning stained concrete, stopping rust issues, and properly painting precast concrete to achieve an attractive and durable finish. From tilt-up concrete panels to precast concrete walls, beams, columns and staircases, our proven cleaning and painting techniques deliver professional, long-lasting results.

Specializing in industrial, commercial and institutional precast concrete restoration projects

With more than 40 years of experience, McCahill Painting has completed hundreds of successful precast concrete projects for a wide array of industrial, commercial and institutional clients. Our expertise includes abrasive blasting, power washing, and painting precast concrete in industrial settings including utility, telecommunications, and water/wastewater facilities; commercial buildings and warehouses; parking structures; sports/recreation facilities; and institutional facilities including schools, universities, and hospitals.

Watch McCahill Painting power wash and repaint this precast concrete building, restoring it to its original condition.

Safety and respect—on every job

Safety and respect for the work environment are non-negotiable priorities on every job we perform. Our team is trained and licensed to work safely in demanding work environments and skilled at using elevated work platforms, lifts and other specialty equipment often necessary when painting precast concrete structures. Our methods deliver outstanding results while protecting your work environment and minimizing disruption. We can also accommodate nearly any schedule and have the flexibility to work any day, any time to support your needs.

Protecting & Maintaining Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is an excellent building material valued for its strength, durability, cost effectiveness, fire and moisture resistance, and relative low maintenance. While easier to maintain than some other materials, precast concrete is susceptible to staining, discoloration and corrosion.

How contaminants, chemicals and atmospheric elements damage precast concrete

Whether indoors or out, precast concrete will be exposed to a variety of natural elements, chemicals, moisture, dirt and debris. In time, this exposure will stain, discolor, and sometimes corrode precast concrete, compromising its appearance and beneficial properties. This typically results in a dingy and unprofessional looking appearance, while in more serious cases it can degrade portions of the concrete itself.

How to maintain and protect precast concrete

To preserve your precast concrete structures and keep them looking polished and professional, expert cleaning and painting are key. Power washing by trained technicians can remove unsightly stains and contaminant buildup, restoring concrete to its original appearance. Expert painting, including proper surface preparation, can revitalize discolored or dull precast concrete, creating a professional and attractive appearance that will last for years to come. McCahill Painting has extensive experience and training in power washing and painting precast concrete to ensure an attractive, durable finish. Our skilled painters can also apply accent colors to add visual interest as well as to enhance safety and aid in the functionality of your space.

How to get rid of rust on precast concrete

Rust stains on precast concrete buildings and other structures are a common problem. Rust leaves stains and streaks that are unsightly and must be addressed prior to painting. McCahill Painting has the expertise to stop rust at the source and properly repair and prime rust areas to ensure rust will not reappear.

Watch McCahill Painting remove rust stains from a pre-cast concrete building.

McCahill Painting: Your One-Stop Shop for Precast Concrete Restoration & Painting

With comprehensive services, 40+ years of experience, and hundreds of successful precast painting projects under our belt, we’re your one-stop shop for industrial precast concrete painting services.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is an extremely fast and effective method of removing worn paint and contaminants from precast concrete and is often used prior to repainting. In this process, abrasives are blasted at the concrete to remove dirt, loose paint, and other contaminants to reveal a completely clean surface and create an ideal surface profile for new paint. McCahill Painting is highly skilled and experienced at safely and effectively vapor blasting, sandblasting and soda blasting precast concrete. Our industry-leading vapor blasting service minimizes prep and clean up, is better for the environment, and allows us to work in busy and sensitive areas as this process drastically suppresses any dust.

See how quickly vapor blasting by McCahill Painting technicians completely cleans a precast concrete surface while minimizing dust and clean up.
Here McCahill Painting safely and quickly removes more than 15 coats of paint by vapor blasting the concrete base of a parking lot light pole.

Power Washing

Power washing using 250-degree hot water cleans precast concrete by removing atmospheric contamination and biological growth. It also removes any remaining abrasives after blasting. McCahill Painting safely and effectively power washes precast concrete using 250-degree hot water at a low PSI along with non-toxic, biodegradable detergents when needed. This gentle yet highly effective cleaning method, performed by our trained crew using professional equipment, achieves excellent results while protecting the concrete. When done properly, power washing completely transforms the appearance of precast concrete so it once again looks clean and crisp and is ready to be painted.

Watch McCahill Painting power wash a stained and contaminated concrete exterior to successfully restore the appearance of this building.

precast before
precast after

Painting & Repainting

McCahill Painting offers comprehensive concrete painting services and specializes in repainting precast concrete. With more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of successfully completed precast projects, we know how to select the best paints and primers for each project and apply them exactly per the manufacturers’ specifications. We invest in advanced training for our team, and in superior quality tools and spray equipment to achieve a smooth, even paint application.

Preparation is key

As a precast painting contractor, McCahill Painting never skimps on prep work. In fact, it’s our key to consistently creating finishes that are attractive, highly resilient and extremely durable. We carefully employ abrasive blasting, grinding, hand scraping, power washing, rust removal, caulk and joint repair, and appropriate priming products to ensure the concrete surface is prepared for optimum paint adhesion. In addition, our crew members meticulously mask the workspace to protect areas not to be painted.

Caulk repair – a critical preparation step

An extremely important part of preparing precast concrete for paint is making sure no water can infiltrate the structure. McCahill Painting is skilled and experienced at inspecting, evaluating, and repairing caulk in key vulnerable areas including control joints, doors, and windows to ensure a successful project.

Control joint caulk repair in precast concrete buildings

Control joints lie between each concrete building and run from the ground up to the roof flashing. If control joint caulk is cracked, missing or beginning to fail, it becomes an easy route for water and bugs to enter the building. In instances where the majority of the caulk is in good shape, small defective caulk areas can be spot repaired. More often, when control joint caulk is failing or defective, the caulk needs to be removed and new caulk applied. In these cases, McCahill Painting technicians use cutting tools to remove all the caulk and the backer rod beneath. New backer rod is then installed, and the control joint is completely re-caulked using a urethane sealant. This creates a brand new joint that is properly sealed and will not allow water or bug infiltration.

Door and window caulk repair in precast concrete buildings

Pedestrian doors and windows are two other areas we carefully inspect for caulk failure, as failing caulk in these areas can allow water into the building and allow water to seep underneath paint. Our technicians carefully inspect caulk around doors and windows, repairing and replacing any damaged caulk as appropriate to properly seal and protect these areas prior to painting.

Expert Paint Design Services

Precast concrete performs extremely well but often looks underwhelming and plain. McCahill Painting can help breathe new life into your precast concrete structures by applying paint colors and accents that elevate the sophistication of the space, support your brand colors, and draw attention where you want it and not where you don’t. Consultation is part of our service, and we’re glad to assist in developing a paint design plan specific to your needs and space. Not sure where to start? Give us a call and we’ll guide you from start to finish. Our clients are often amazed at how much better their building or workspace can look and function with a thoughtful paint plan.

Color imaging services to help you find the right color scheme

McCahill Painting can photograph your building and provide digital renderings to show you how paint color scheme options will look on your building. Seeing a visual of your options is extremely helpful in selecting a new color palette with confidence.

Painting precast concrete for safety and functionality

When considering a precast painting project, we work with clients to identify opportunities where paint accents can be applied to enhance safety and functionality. Examples include highlighting locations of safety equipment and emergency items, and strategically painting dock areas for traffic flow and safety.

Details make all the difference: Painting adjacent components to complement the new look of your precast concrete building

McCahill Painting has expertise in restoring and painting metal, steel, and other surfaces, so we can paint adjacent components like railings, beams, overhead doors, floors, dock areas, and architectural details to complete the full restoration of your space and create a professional appearance from top to bottom.

McCahill Painting absolutely exceeded my expectations in painting our large precast building and interior offices. Their color imaging service was invaluable in choosing the right paint colors to give our building’s drab exterior a more flattering and modern appearance. Not only was the paint job impeccable, but they also solved a long-time headache by finding and fixing a costly water leak that several other contractors failed to resolve. Give them a call—you won’t regret it.
Gary Gurzynski, Owner, CGI Automated Manufacturing, Inc. – Romeoville, IL

precast design
precast painting

Areas and Industries Served

McCahill Painting restores and paints precast concrete buildings and structures in a wide array of industries and environments across Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin.

  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings and office parks/centers
  • Call centers
  • Manufacturing and production facilities
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Food processing facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Shopping centers and retail buildings
  • Hotels and conference centers
  • Industrial plants and buildings
  • Power plants and utilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, inpatient and outpatient centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Sports arenas and stadiums
  • Places of worship including churches and temples
  • Municipalities
  • Multi-residential housing
  • Parking garages and parking decks

Why choose McCahill Painting for your precast concrete restoration and painting?


100%, across the board—we respect your space, your staff, your time, your schedule and your budget.


The safety of our employees, your staff and your property is always #1. As previously mentioned, our crew is trained and licensed to work safely in demanding work environments and skilled at using elevated work platforms, lifts and other specialty equipment. We employ a rigorous safety training program and update our equipment and gear regularly.

One-Stop Capabilities

We’ve successfully completed hundreds of precast concrete projects and are experts in all phases of precast concrete restoration including abrasive blasting, rust removal, power washing, and painting. This comprehensive expertise makes for a seamless project and allows us to ensure our high standards are met from start to finish.

Consultant Mindset and Custom Solutions

Our experienced and knowledgeable team takes the time to understand your project goals and recommend the best possible solution to restore and preserve your precast concrete assets. We’re bringing you more than 40 years of experience and feel it’s our obligation to speak up when there may be a better approach, a different product to consider, or any way to enhance the aesthetics and durability of your results.

100% Client Satisfaction

We aim to leave our customers elated with our work. It’s not a goal, it’s a standard expected to be met on every job.

Industry and Professional Affiliations

McCahill Painting is an ISNetworld Member Contractor, underscoring our commitment to safety, training and sound business practices. We are also members of the Society for Protective Coatings, Painting Contractors Association, and Three Rivers Manufacturers’ Association.