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Steel Silo Cleaning Technical Aspects

We are happy to be featured in an article in the painting trade magazine CoatingsPro! This upcoming article will showcase our work on a large steel silo project. The technical aspects and product specifications will be discussed in great detail in this article. As soon as this article becomes live online, we will post the link for you to enjoy. We appreciate being included in this fine magazine. In the meantime, you can enjoy a compilation of some project footage that the magazine mashed together!
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Exterior Projects in the Late Summer

Summertime in Chicagoland means Cubs/Sox baseball and family time with kids out of school for a few months, but that is not all that should come to mind. Summer is the season for painting, specifically exterior painting! Although summertime is now winding down with kids going back to school and the Bears already in exhibition games, we still do have a good number of summer days left! While we can perform interior painting services throughout the seasons, we see late summer as the best time of the year for exterior painting.

For the painting industry, summer is high time for some main reasons. Exterior painting requires a certain minimum temperature for paint to properly adhere to surfaces. The extensive number of sunlight hours allows projects to be completed in a shorter span of days. Consistent summer weather has fewer instances of weather, including rain, that could disrupt projects. These days we still have daylight that stretches until 8:30 in the evening!

Our customers also notice benefits to this time of year. From a financial viewpoint, this time of the year still allows budget to be utilized. An organization’s outside appearance gives first-time visitors an immediate impression of the firm. As people spend more time outside in summer, the traffic and visual impressions of an organization’s physical presence increase substantially. Therefore, from a branding perspective, maintaining a firm’s positive image in all aspects includes keeping up a firm’s quality exterior appearance.

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