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Exterior Projects in the Late Summer

Summertime in Chicagoland means Cubs/Sox baseball and family time with kids out of school for a few months, but that is not all that should come to mind. Summer is the season for painting, specifically exterior painting! Although summertime is now winding down with kids going back to school and the Bears already in exhibition games, we still do have a good number of summer days left! While we can perform interior painting services throughout the seasons, we see late summer as the best time of the year for exterior painting.

For the painting industry, summer is high time for some main reasons. Exterior painting requires a certain minimum temperature for paint to properly adhere to surfaces. The extensive number of sunlight hours allows projects to be completed in a shorter span of days. Consistent summer weather has fewer instances of weather, including rain, that could disrupt projects. These days we still have daylight that stretches until 8:30 in the evening!

Our customers also notice benefits to this time of year. From a financial viewpoint, this time of the year still allows budget to be utilized. An organization’s outside appearance gives first-time visitors an immediate impression of the firm. As people spend more time outside in summer, the traffic and visual impressions of an organization’s physical presence increase substantially. Therefore, from a branding perspective, maintaining a firm’s positive image in all aspects includes keeping up a firm’s quality exterior appearance.

We would be happy to discuss your project with you! Now would be a great time to see a valuable difference in your assets! Please give us a call today at (888) 521-0973!

Vapor Blasting Precast Concrete

McCahill Painting Company has great expertise in all types of blasting! This video demonstrates how easily vapor blasting can completely clean a surface. In this case, the concrete surface must be totally cleared prior to painting. This vividly shows how effective sandblasting can accomplish the task!

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The Best Equipment Available for Both Vapor Blasting and Sand Blasting

McCahill Painting is proud to use nothing but the best-quality tools and equipment for every project we complete! This is exactly the reason why we have purchased our 2018 International truck, pictured above. We use this brand-new truck for completing a wide variety of vapor blasting and dry blasting projects. Our clients are happy with the results that our equipment has helped us achieved. We know you will also be satisfied client when we complete a project for you!

With a 26-foot bed, our International truck allows the space to carry all tools with us at any given time. Because of this, we can schedule and complete projects promptly. The truck also transports our blasting equipment, which includes our Graco EcoQuip Vapor Blast System that is easily capable of meeting the needs of any project, regardless of how large or small.

What’s more, this equipment allows our experienced technicians to achieve the best results while maintaining the utmost safety for people and property. As our blasting equipment is state-of-the-art and modern, it incorporates the latest technology that make our projects eco-friendly for the environment.

We have the best equipment for any type of blasting task, whether it be vapor blasting or sandblasting. Also, our technicians have vast experience and expertise on refreshing various types of surfaces by blasting. Please see below for examples of our most popular project types. We have the capabilities for these types of jobs and many more!

Applications that substantially benefit from blasting:
• Industrial tanks / silos
• Any metal substrates
• Cooling tower piping
• Cinder block buildings
• Precast concrete buildings

We would love to discuss what needs to be done on your project. No job is too big or too small! Please get in touch with us today at (888) 521-0973!

Versatility of McCahill Painting Vapor Blasting Equipment

McCahill Painting Company is proud of its state-of-the-art vapor blasting equipment! Mobile and powerful, our gear can be used for a variety of projects. This video showcases two different uses: stripping metal and removing paint lines from a parking lot. These are just two of many vapor blasting use-cases. To see more uses, please explore our website! You can also call us at (815) 886-5544 to discover how vapor blasting can revitalize your assets!

A Brief History of Early Sandblasting

Sandblasting has a longer history than you might expect. The absolute furthest it can be traced back is 1870, when Benjamin Tilghman invented a machine for paint and rust removal. Of course, this was primitive and rudimentary, but it set the framework for future improvements. Then, Thomas Pangborn took Tilghman’s initial idea and ran with it, adding compressed air in 1904. Another substantial innovation took place in 1918, when the first enclosure was built. This enclosure contained a clear screen for sandblasters to surround the worksite and prevent dust from hitting workers’ faces.

By the 1930s, sandblasting was well-known in manufacturing fields. However, despite plant managers’ knowledge of the process, the majority felt the method was too messy. A change in attitude about sandblasting occurred when the U.S. Navy needed more efficient ways to prolong the service life of their coating systems. After simple scraping and sanding did not bring about satisfactory results, the Navy attempted sandblasting. Upon completion, the Navy realized that sandblasting was necessary for proper adhesion and performance of the coating system they would apply. Hence, this successful project set the foundation for the protective coating industry and numerous future success stories.

Sandblasting has evolved significantly, becoming safer and causing fewer cases of the lung disease silicosis. As sandblasting has emerged, so has blasting, in general, as a restoration practice for a variety of surfaces. More sustainable processes such as sodablasting and vapor blasting have become available as potential options and better substitutes.

Contact us today to see whether your project would be a good fit for sandblasting, sodablasting or vapor blasting!